TAPPA Stars Across Texas Award
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7 Categories – Total of 100 points

Category 1 – Leadership (10 points)

The facilities organizations senior leaders should set direction and establish customer focus, clear and visible values and high expectations in line with campus mission, vision and core values.

  1. Please provide a narrative which includes your leadership roles and responsibilities as well as a succession plan that is in place to ensure continuity of leadership within the facilities organization. (up to 500 words)

Category 2 – Strategic and Operational Planning (10 points)

Strategic and Operational planning consists of the planning process, the identification of goals and actions necessary to achieve success and the development of those actions to align the work of the organization.

  1. Please submit an example of a strategic plan utilized within the organization including measurable goals and key performances, budget development and emergency response plans. Current examples of supporting documentation.

Category 3 – Customer Focus (15 points)

Customer focus is a key component of effective facilities management. Various stakeholders (faculty, students, staff and other administrative departments) must feel their needs are heard, understood and acted upon.

  1. Please provide details on what tools or methods are used to address concerns/satisfaction levels. (up to 250 words)
  2. Follow up and follow through methods to build positive relationships, drive processes and effect improvements. (up to 250 words)

Category 4 – Information and Analysis (10 points)

Information and analysis are used to evaluate performance and drive future performance improvements. Of interest are the types of tools used (for example, peer comparative data clarified and validated through benchmarking}, and how the tools are used to enhance organizational performance. Various aspects of information include facilities inspections/audits, financial/expenditure reports, utility data, and other relevant measures and indicators.

  1. Please submit details on types of tools utilized within the facilities organization. (up to 500 words)

Category 5 – Development and Management of Human Resources (15 points)

An Organizations success depends increasingly on the knowledge, skills, innovative creativity and motivation of its employees and partners. This criterion addresses the ways in which facilities organization ensures an environment of continued learning through communication, policies, recognition, training, professional development opportunities and other methods.

  1. Please provide any training programs or skill enhancement programs for all staff. Current examples of supporting documents.
  2. Please provide a narrative that includes any safety policies and procedures that have been established and communicated to all staff. (up to 500 words)
  3. HR Reference letter

Category 6 – Process Management (15 points)

Effective process management addresses how the facilities organization manages key product and service design and delivery processes.

  1. Please provide a narrative which includes details on processes that are currently in place to ensure that departmental facilities and equipment are adequate for the provision of effective and efficient services. (up to 500 words)

Category 7 – Performance Results (25 points)

The facility performance can be assessed through campus appearance, employee satisfaction and motivation, effectiveness of system operations, customer satisfaction, financial results and partner results.

  1. Submit photos of the appearance of buildings and grounds. The condition and cleanliness of facilities are in keeping with the image and standards adopted by the institution.
  2. Provide a narrative on funding resources effectively used and supported in the facilities maintenance that prevents the deferral of major maintenance and repairs. This can include details on financial results and partner results. (up to 500 words)

Optional – Include other items or subjects not covered in the above Categories