Board Members
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Below are the 2019 Board Members. We want to hear from you! Your questions are important so please email us at Written correspondence can be mailed to: TAPPA, PO Box 1056, Leander, TX 78646


 David Reynolds photo David Reynolds, PE
Shorty Schwartz photo Shorty Schwartz
Vice President
Mike Wheeler - photo Mike Wheeler
Richard L. Lobato photo Richard L. Lobato
Immediate Past President


Michael Brantley photo Michael Brantley
Chad W. Crocker photo Chad W. Crocker, MBA, CEFP
 Terry Pritchett, CEFP photo Terry Pritchett, CEFP
  John Burke photo John Burke
Sean Childers - photo Sean Childers
Thomas Shewan - photo Thomas Shewan, PE, MBA, CEFP

Business Partners

Tammy Kleine photo Tammy Kleine
Junior Business Partner
Stephen Kendrick - photo Stephen Kendrick
Junior Business Partner